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Awara is a leading business administration services provider on the Russian market, serving international and local organizations and individual entrepreneurs. Our services comprise a wide array of advisory for strategic business development, establishment and investment, and the implementation and execution of our advice; covering all areas of: management consulting, law, accounting, audit, financial administration, recruitment and other HR services, and IT-development.

Eduhouse Ltd. is one of the top corporate training providers in Finland. Over the last ten years Eduhouse has been training thousands of companies. We have developed cutting edge corporate training solutions for continuous life-long learning. Eduhouse analyzes weak signals from the market and integrates Finnish technology with education to build up effective training solutions.

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We are continually looking for new trainers. At the moment our team includes more than 50 professionals from a variety of fields. If you are a professional, an inspiring and motivating speaker or performer you could be one of us.

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