Corporate training

We understand that every business and organization is different and pre-packaged training programs don’t work for everyone. Our client-focused approach allows us to design training programs that are customized to deliver the results you need.

We approach each engagement with our long-term goal in mind; a lasting, beneficial relationship with our clients. We know that in order to achieve that goal, we need to meet and exceed your expectations. We do that by spending time up front to understand the challenges your business faces and the uniqueness of your organization so we can help you get the best return on your investment.
One size rarely fits all, which is why we deliver the training you need in the style that suits your business. In the classroom, the boardroom or online, our professional staff will analyze your needs and develop training in the format that works best for you.

Success is measured by participant satisfaction, verification of acquired skills, skill implementation and the achievement of stated objectives.

Our Competency Areas (top three topics listed below by every competency, updated 01/2013)

Leadership and Management

  1. From talent to Manager. New Manager’s toolkit
  2. Difficult Situations in Staff Management
  3. From Manager to Leader. How to become a real leader?


  1. Professional Telephone Selling Skills
  2. Advanced Sales Training – 7 Sales Rules for Guaranteed Sales Success
  3. Key Account Management, integrating sales and Total Customer Satisfaction


  1. Telemarketing Skills
  2. Marketing and Competition law and unfair competition
  3. Media Relations in Russia

Customer Service Development

  1. Effective communication in Customer Service
  2. Dealing with difficult, rude or indifferent Customers
  3. Polite and Efficient Customer Service on Telephone

Business Communication

  1. How to deliver a public presentation with confidence
  2. Body language in Business Negotiations
  3. Business correspondence in English

Project Management

  1. Managing IT Projects
  2. Project budgeting and management accounting in construction and investment project
  3. The Keys to successful Project Management

Management Accounting

  1. Efficient Cash Flow Forecasting
  2. Pricing and profitability
  3. The Fundamentals of Cost Accounting

Financial Accounting

  1. KPI in Business Management
  2. Budgeting: setting and improvement of the budgeting system in the modern enterprise
  3. How to read and Understand Financial Statements

Controlling and risk management

  1. Preventing, Detecting and Investigating Fraud
  2. How to Organize Effective Internal Control in a Russian Company
  3. Risk Management in a Russian Company

Legal training – International Law

  1. Contract drafting (UK best practices)
  2. Drafting of memorandum (advice letter) on legal matters
  3. Efficient litigation in Russia

Corporate Awareness

  1. A gift or a bribe?
  2. Bullying and Harassment at work
  3. HR Branding

Personal Development

  1. Time Management for Managers
  2. Managing Stress at Work
  3. Conflict Management

Open Seminars

We keep our eyes open and we know, what is important to you – professionally. Business and legislature change quickly, and professionals need to update their skills continually. Awara Eduhouse Training knows what you need to know in the future. At our hands-on practical training sessions professionals in fields such as business, sales, marketing, HR, finance and law improve their skills and abilities to solve the problems of tomorrow.

At Awara Eduhouse Training Open Seminars you can rest assured that there will be no compromises when it comes to training quality. All our training consultants are highly experienced facilitators, who are professionally qualified and personable. Each one day open training course includes practical exercises and team activities to ensure participants develop skills and confidence within a structured and enjoyable learning environment.

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