Thursday, 8 Jul 2021

10 Visual Hierarchy Concepts to understand

As being a artist, knowing the tools like Illustrator, Illustrator, CorelDraw, InDesign is quite simple. But without getting understanding of some important concepts then certainly you’ll destroy work. So, During this blog I’m listing a few in the important visual hierarchy concepts that each designer should know.

Size or scaling

As being a designer make certain that you’re while using the right size image and text in your designs. Nevertheless it’s apparent that any image or text is large then it will be more visible. You should give more scaling for that primary content than other content. For eg. In gossip posts or newspapers, the primary heading has bigger font size than its body. Because viewers begin to see the body text after looking in the primary heading.

Use perspective

To begin with certainly the specific concept of perspective. So, perspective means an position round the 2D surface to show the artwork within the proper manner regarding height, width, position, depth etc. Now come to the stage. In case you design something then you need to provide a right perspective for that object or text. Should you so your artwork look pretty real.

Color & Contrast in designs

Colors play a really crucial role in designing. You have to find the appropriate colors in almost any design. If you’re creating a design getting different colors then make certain the shades must be compared. Take into consideration I must add is the fact highlight the information more by classy color that you’ve to exhibit.

Organize your fonts

Either you’re making infographic, banner, sales salessales brochure or other design. You have to place fonts in a great choice. This means don’t scatter the font from time to time. It should be organized in an ideal way. Additionally pick the best font and font size. Then you’ll help make your design the very best.

Use closeness

Closeness means every element must be include a impressive manner. They should be include a composition. In case you put your content close your design look more relatable.


It is among the most significant concepts of designing. Alignment of texts photos is extremely necessary. In case you align your design you are able to condition that every component is inside the right place. Alignment can be done across the right, left or center.

Use grids

Every professional professionalprofessionalprofessional photographer, designer and artist uses grid to concentrate on their primary content. It’s also called the rule of thirds. If you use grids in your work then you’ll comprehend the difference. You will find too several kinds of grids nonetheless the mostly used grid includes vertical & lines of horizontal type.


If you wish to create a design that’s attracted using the viewers then repetition is a good thought in your designs. Really repetition creates unity. As if you are coming up with a design then repeat the process using the composition . It may be as being a design.

Rule of odds

The Guidelines of odds works really virtually. Just you need to place your primary content inside the center. And hang equal no. of objects within the neighbouring direction. Then viewers can focus a little more about the primary content.


You have to give proper space between shapes, graphics, texts etc. When they go to your design more alluring if you work with the location in an ideal way.