Saturday, 27 Feb 2021

3 Simple Steps to Keep your Sink Drain Free from Clogging

Hair, dirt, and grease forming a gooey substance that clogs the sink.

This is probably is a familiar scenario to you.

Every homeowner faces a drain clogging trouble when the sink gets overused without regular cleaning. If you hardly have time to brush your sink and remove the dirt that accumulates in the strainer, don’t be surprised to encounter this plumbing problem.

However, sink clogging is not as worse as toilet clogging. In fact, there are easy ways that you can do to prevent sink clogging at home. You don’t need to watch DIY plumbing videos to execute them.

Just keep these three handy steps in mind and you’ll lower the chances of getting sink clogging issues at home.

Keep natural cleaners nearby

Unlike the bathroom floor, a kitchen sink is not very complicated to clean. You don’t need to buy chemically formulated cleaners to keep your sink sparkling clean and clog-free.

One thing we’ve discovered is that you just need a simple “science” experiment using vinegar, baking soda, and a pitcher of hot water to dissolve and push down the accumulated dirt that can cause sink clogging.

Scientifically, the combination of vinegar and baking soda creates a reaction where molecules get exchanged. This reaction results to the creation of carbon dioxide and water. These two compounds bubble through the accumulated gunk to break it up.

When this happens, the clog turns into a loose material that easily goes down the sink pipes and into the sewerage.

Imagine that you only need natural home essentials to create a solution like this. Take note that after the bubble reaction, you need to pour out a pitcher of hot water down to the drain to ensure that the loose dirt will smoothly go down the pipes.

We also learned that this process kills those small irritating flies that can live on the walls of your pipes!

Clear the drain every week, and more frequently on colder months

Why keep these natural cleaners nearby if you won’t use them, right?

You don’t need to burden yourself with the idea of cleaning up every day on top of all the responsibilities you need to attend to everyday.

We’re all working hard and we’re so busy, we get that. But a few minutes of sink cleaning once a week won’t ruin your schedule or steal enormous energy from you.

Just follow the steps we taught you about using natural drain cleaners and do them once a week. Add a simple step of brushing the sink surface to eliminate any stains and dirt that can harden and become breeding grounds for bacteria.

It will only take 10-15 minutes of one weeknight to save yourself from a more problematic sink clogging nightmare.

During the colder months, our advice is to clean at least two times a week because clogging happens more often at this time of the year. Dirt and grease clog together so quickly because of the lower temperature during these months.

Use high-quality sink strainer

For our third and last advice, we’d like to tell you that high-quality sink strainer is one of those lifesavers in every home kitchen.

It’s a great investment because the right sink strainer will help you:

  • Clean the sink easily;
  • Prevent frequent clogging; and
  • Add style to your sink.

Here are the best features that we’ve seen from the sink drainers available in the market:

  • A strainer that can be removed for easy sink unclogging.
  • Stainless steel construction that lasts for years.
  • A unique and elegant cover that conceals waste fittings to give a clean look to the sink.
  • An effective stopper to help you unclog the sink easily.

Follow these three simple steps and you’ll have one less plumbing problem to worry about.

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