Tuesday, 1 Jun 2021

Bedroom Doors: Choosing The Right Patterns and Sizes

Whoever is building or renovating knows that there are many details that involve a work from the electrical and hydraulic parts, to the choice of floors and coverings,paints, decoration and much more. Among so many items to define, it’s time to learn how to choose bedroomdoors.

Bedroom doors, even the simplest, are part of the environment and can add style and shape to the space that you are creating.

The following are some tips on choosing bedroom doors, including:

  • The measure of the door
  • The material from which the door is made
  • The opening model

How to choose bedroom doors: 3 requirements to pay attention

Check the door measurement

Don’t you want to take the risk of buying a door bigger or smaller than the span you have available correct?

  • Of course, you may want to change the size of this gap, by enlarging or reducing it, so that it will fit the correct size of the door.
  • Sliding doors, for example, in general, require a larger span.

If you do not want to change this size, avoiding breakage, when buying the door consider that the gap where it will be applied must be larger than the door 1 cm in height and 2 cm in width.

If you still do not have the space defined because you are building the environment at this moment, know that there is a standard door size that is being applied in most of the projects, being:

Bedroom Entrance door:

80 cm bathroom doors: 60 cm (except for accessible bathrooms that must be at least 80 cm, opening outwards) doors of rooms, kitchens and bedrooms: 70 cm, construction,standard door height is 2.10 m.

These values ​​are widely used standards, but they are not inflexible rules. You can find larger internal doors, especially in old buildings. You can also adopt this option for your work and renovation.

With the measures defined in hand, you can buy your bedroom doors in virtual stores.

Choose the right bedroom door material

Wood, steel or iron, aluminum and PVC, are materials widely used by those who are looking for how to choose internal doors.

Wooden door options, for example, are widely used options and can add a touch of elegance to the space, especially if you know how to choose the color of the internal doors, so that they add personality to the place and contribute to the decoration of the room.Besides being beautiful, they have good durability and help with acoustic and thermal insulation.

How to choose internal doors

PVC doors, unlike the wooden options, lose a little in sophistication, but guarantee high durability. Speaking of durability we could not leave out the list of door models in steel or iron, however, these are more expensive.

Finally, aluminum door options can add personality and modernity to your environment, in addition to facilitating maintenance and cleaning, making them good options for outdoor areas, kitchen and laundry.