Friday, 10 Sep 2021

Granite countertop Ideas to improve the look

As far as countertop is countertop is concerned, granite has always been the first choice. This versatile stone is extremely durable and perfect for your kitchen. Moreover, it is available in different styles and designs with an extensive range of textures that helps to improve the overall look. If these granite countertops are used in the right way, it will help to create an unique look around your kitchen. 


The color of granite countertop is aimed to match the interior designing of your kitchen. Initially, people did not pay much heed to the colors, but times have changed and people want an extensive look around the kitchen. 

Hence, comptoir de Granite au Sommet is available in different colors such as white, blue, black, red and gold. Often these countertops have natural textured designs that help to improve the overall look. Most people prefer choosing a specific part of the kitchen to match it with the countertops. 

Well, not only the kitchen walls, you can also choose to match the kitchen countertops with your utensils. 

Granite patterns

Are you okay with the simple granite countertop or are you looking for something modern with the patterns? Granite patterns are aimed at enhancing the overall look of the kitchen. Some of the prominent pattern designs in which granite countertops are available include solid, marbled and speckled. 

  • Solid Granite

The solid-looking granite countertops have very small differences in patterns. They tend to appear very much like the plain ones. So, if you have a small kitchen and do not want it to appear high-trafficked, the solid looking patterns are one of the best choices to make. 

  • Marbled Granite

As the name goes, marbled Granite appears very much like marble and there isn’t a huge but subtle transition from color and texture. The difference is noticeable but the smoothness doesn’t disturb the eyes. Due to the wide availability of these patterns, marbled granite in softer tones appears very much like real marble. 

  • Speckled granite

If you want a granite countertop that brings a variety of texture and color, then speckled granite countertops are the choice to make. The dramatic touch and combination of different colors helps to create a visual interest. This is further beneficial for complimenting it with simple cabinetry and stainless-steel appliances. 

  • Honed granite

Honed granite has a glossy touch. But, most of them have a matte finish as well making it appear like other materials too. It is for this reason that the honed granite countertops often look like a soapstone.