Sunday, 27 Sep 2020

Pole Barn Houses of Nearly Any Size Make Great Accommodations for Guests

Rural property owners with some acreage around the home may at some point consider having a guest house constructed if the township allows this kind of construction. To have one built affordably without sacrificing quality, the property owners might consider a design for Pole Barn Houses. This building style is also known as post-frame construction. The word barn brings to mind a very large structure, but these buildings can be constructed with a smaller amount of square footage. That makes them ideal for weekend guests or for guests staying on longer.

Residential Post-Frame Construction

As with actual barns, poles are driven into the ground, but concrete is added to the excavated holes instead of compacted gravel. That’s because a more solid anchoring system is required for the extra weight of a house. Unlike a barn, it also has a concrete foundation. The building is well-insulated, which is necessary for comfortable residency and preventing the skyrocketing of utility bills.

Endless Design Possibilities

As with a regular barn, a pole barn house can have separate rooms as well as open areas. A loft can be constructed. The design possibilities are endless, allowing property owners to create a plan that makes life convenient and comfortable for several guests staying over at the same time.

Typically, the design of a pole barn home is rustic, with diagonal wood beams visible at the ceiling level and others providing floor-to-ceiling vertical support. A loft might be supported by visible beams with an open space underneath. A loft could be a simple space with sleeping room or a place to relax and read. In contrast, it can function as a full second story with two bedrooms and a full bathroom.

Common Sizes for Non-Barn Use

Even a relatively modest floor plan of about 1,500 sq. ft. can have two full bathrooms and three bedrooms. That still leaves plenty of space for a living room, kitchenette and dining area. In pole barn measurements, that is a 30 x 50 structure. A smaller one could function more like a cabin. A 30 x 30 pole barn often is used as a garage or a large shed, but there is no reason one couldn’t be constructed as a cabin guest house.

It all depends on the person’s budget and the amount of space needed. Considering that entire families spend weekends in one hotel room with two double beds and a cot, a 900-sq.-ft. cabin would be much appreciated. In some instances, the visiting children might stay with their cousins, aunt and uncle in the main house. Their parents get a little break for a couple of days and the chance for some private romantic time.

Features for Visitors

The visitors probably won’t need an oven and range, but they would likely appreciate a refrigerator, microwave and coffeepot. They can save leftovers in the refrigerator and start the morning with coffee before getting together with their hosts at the main house. Unless people will be staying for several weeks or longer, they probably won’t get much convenience from having a laundry room of their own.


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