Friday, 14 May 2021

Proper Interior Designs for the Condos

Have you noticed how the layout of homes has changed a lot over the years? Did you see how the plans of the apartments present, today, the most integrated environments?For construction companies, having walls between these sectors is optional. The fashion is different now. Kitchen and dining room share the same open area, often separated only by a counter.

So you want to know how to have an integrated kitchen and dining room? Check out our tips and find out.

Advantages of integration between kitchen and dining room

The integration between the kitchen and the dining room is a concept that emerged many years ago in the United States, but that, now, has fallen in the Brazilian taste.

  • This idea has everything to do with the “new” way of living. Families seek to spend as much time together as possible. This is because, with the busy life they lead, moments in union have become increasingly rare and should therefore be valued.
  • In addition to the proximity of the residents of the house, there are other advantages of having environments free of walls. The rooms look bigger and look more modern. They can also receive new functions. For example, the laundry room can become part of the kitchen, the living room kitchen and the veranda room. This connection is very versatile.

However, if one area of ​​the house is open to the other, this means that, of course, everything that exists in one will be exposed to the other.

This includes not only furniture, but also appliances and accessories, as well as mess and dirt. So, when it comes to architecture and design, these interiors must be well planned.

Integrated environments are just like that, they can convey a sense of continuity or disorganization. What will you want? We brought to this post some tips on how to compose or renew the decoration of an integrated kitchen and dining room. Check out. Make use of the HDB renovation for best use.

Architectural and design strategies for better integration between kitchen and dining room

Definitely, the best to integrate kitchen and dining room is to create a visual continuity between the two environments.

There are many ways to do this, use of woodwork, colors, coatings and more. Securing a unit is no easy task. But as a result, the property will look much larger and its setting more balanced.


In the beginning, for the kitchen oddly enough, the designer should avoid wall and floor coverings that resemble wet areas. Did you find it strange? It is for this environment to look like an extension of the room. So, for this, architects need to find alternatives of compatible materials and finishes, at the same time, for both functions.If the property owner chooses the same design style for the kitchen and dining room, it is much easier to make a visual connection between these two environments.

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