Friday, 14 May 2021

What To Consider before Hiring an Electrician

Before hiring an electrician, it is necessary to take a series of precautions, since poorly done jobs can cause damage and losses, such as burning electrical appliances, exaggerated energy consumption or in more serious cases, fires.

Your Opportunities

For this reason, ask friends and relatives who have already hired the service of a certain electrician, or look for trusted stores in the industry, who usually know a good professional to recommend. Even if a self-employed electrician offers a lower price, it is indicated that the consumer prefers to hire the services of legally established companies, because in the event of accidents that generate lawsuits, the chances of receiving an eventual indemnity are greater than when the provider of the services.

  • It is also important to request the certificates of professional courses taken by the electrician and check if it is in accordance with Regulatory Standard 10, issued by the Ministry of Labor and Employment, which establishes basic requirements and procedures to ensure the safety and health of professionals.
  • After hiring the ideal electrician, ask the professional to describe the entire procedure that will be performed, as well as the material that will be used, the cost of your labor and determine the deadlines for performing the service. Make sure the electrician is able to answer all your questions regarding his work.

What You need to Remember

Remember that electricians usually charge for visits to homes, as a certain amount of time is spent to carry out the budget and the customer does not always hire the electrical services. Nowadays, with the job market oscillating, and even with the insecurity of being able to be dismissed from a company at any time, many professionals are choosing to be self-employed.

  • With electricians it is no different, and I would even say that it is quite common, due to the great demand for electricians to do residential services for example.
  • If you are one of those professionals who is determined to enter the world of self-employed professionals then this article will surely help you.

Tips to be a successful self-employed electrician

The area of ​​electricity is one that requires the lowest initial cost when it comes to being autonomous. It is also one of those with the fastest financial return.But do not be fooled into thinking that it will be easy to run a business, and no matter how much you work alone, you must be very careful, sensible with the way you act.According to the experts, for every 100 service companies that start their activities in Brazil, about 22 “die” even before completing their third year.For this reason we need to take some precautions to start this journey.


The phrase “cheap is expensive” has never been so real. If you are thinking of hiring a removal company, know that the value is proportional to the services it offers. So that everything goes according to plan and you are not harmed by damaged belongings, thefts, heat, etc., it is better to research the name of the company very well and demand a service contract specifying everything that you closed in the moving package. The better the service is, the higher the price.

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